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After the Event Insurance for Defendants

If you believe you may soon be the defendant in a court case, it’s definitely time to consider purchasing After the Event Insurance. This is a type of cover offered by Prosperity Insurance Brokers to help both claimants and defendants cover the costs that they may accrue while fighting a legal battle.

The main purpose of After the Event Insurance is to allow the two or more opposing parties taking part in court proceedings to reduce the risk of having to pay the other side’s costs. It covers either party for the legal fees that they or their opponent may accumulate – depending on who is required to pay when a judgement is reached – as well as counsel’s fees and other investigative costs that go towards supporting materials for your case. It can also prove helpful by giving you a good idea of the amount you will be required to pay – as you’ll be made aware of the insurance premium attached – instead of leaving you to be hit with a formerly incalculable sum once the case is over.

Remember, it’s vitally important to acquire After the Event Insurance as early as possible – ideally as soon as you know that you are to be taken to court. This kind of insurance is regularly offered by legal representatives as a part of their service, so be sure to discuss your specific needs with your lawyer in as much detail as you can. You can purchase cover at any stage of the case, but the later you leave it, the more difficult and costly it may be to secure.

There are other ways in which After the Event Insurance can assist in the defence of your case. Because your opponent will be well aware that your insurance broker will have taken all elements of the case into account before agreeing to provide cover for you, it can help to project a strong front for the defence and purchasing it may even go towards persuading the other side to settle. Furthermore, an investment of this kind will show the claimant that you are “in it for the long haul” and prepared to fight a strong – and, if necessary, lengthy – case in order to see your ideal outcome achieved.

Many insurance brokers only offer this kind of policy to claimants, but Prosperity Insurance Brokers provides After The Event Insurance for defendants too. We can provide After The Event policies for a wide range of cases, including:

    • Personal Injury
    • Road Traffic Accidents
    • Public Liability
    • Employer Liability
    • Holiday Sickness
    • Industrial Disease
    • Clinical Negligence
    • Noise Induced Hearing Loss
    • Abuse
    • Cavity Wall Claims
    • Solar Panel Claims
    • Executor Insurance
    • Financial Mis-selling
    • Housing Disrepair
    • Asbestos and Cancer Claims
    • Commercial Litigation

    Landlord and Tenant Disputes

    We are also able to tailor bespoke policies for your specific needs.
    If you’re interested in acquiring After The Event Insurance from Prosperity Insurance Brokers, simply get in touch with our expert advisers today via 01481 254954 or email They will be happy to provide you with further information and answer any questions you may have.

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