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Coach & Minibus Insurance

Prosperity Insurance Brokers can provide minibus insurance which includes risk management support and expert advice. Included as part of our minibus or coach insurance this is guidance regarding telematics and in-vehicle cameras.


Our experienced group of insurance brokers will endeavour to find the broadest cover available. Our policies also suit a range of budgets.


Minibus Insurance


Minibuses are multipurpose vehicles, therefore it is imperative that the correct level and type of insurance is in place. The purpose you use your coach or minibus for will determine the level of insurance you require. For example, a Minibus can be used in numerous different circumstances, with many being used for school runs, for use as a taxi, or by sports teams and clubs.


It is always advisable to make your insurance broker aware of what you intend to use your minibus for, they can then adjust the cover you receive accordingly.


Minibus insurance can be dependant on the number of passengers the vehicle can carry and what you intend to use it for. Prosperity Insurance Brokers are on hand to provide expert advice when you are searching for a new minibus or coach insurance policy. Usually, the more seats there are, the higher the premium will be.


Coach Insurance


To be classed as a minibus, the vehicle you wish to insure usually must have between nine and 17 seats including the driver. Anything with more seats is classed as a coach. The type of insurance you receive will depend on this.


If you use a minibus or a coach as part of the operation of a business, then your vehicle could then be classed as a commercial vehicle, meaning a separate type of insurance could be required.


As with our other vehicle insurance policies we offer differing levels of cover. We can broker minibus insurance packages which range from third party to fully comprehensive cover.


The Prosperity Brokers team offer bespoke policies which are tailored to your particular requirements, whether you need mini bus insurance or coach insurance for a single vehicle or an entire fleet.


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