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Commercial Van Insurance

Prosperity Insurance Brokers has negotiated services with insurer providers to offer commercial van insurance to suit a range of budgets and business types.


Looking for business van insurance which meets your company’s specific requirements can be difficult but thanks to our experienced team you will have no trouble finding the company van insurance policy that is right for you.


You need business van insurance if you transport materials, tools or equipment to multiple places as part the service your company provides.


Commercial Vehicle Insurance


When acquiring commercial van insurance you can choose between three kinds of cover.


The minimum level of legal cover in the UK is a third party policy. If you are involved in an accident whilst driving your business vehicle, which is your fault, a third party policy will provide cover for any damage to other cars involved or injuries to the other drivers. However, this type of commercial van insurance will not cover your own business vehicle in the event it is damaged. You will also not be covered under a third-party policy if your company vehicle is stolen.


The next level of business van insurance is third party fire and theft cover. This policy is the same as regular third-party cover, however, you will also receive a payout if your business vehicle suffers fire damage or it is stolen.


To receive maximum cover you should purchase fully comprehensive commercial van insurance cover through Prosperity Insurance Brokers. This is advisable if you spend a considerable amount of time on the road in your commercial vehicle.


In the event that you are involved in a traffic collision whilst in your van, not only will damage to others be covered under your policy but your own vehicle will be covered under fully comprehensive company van insurance.


Business Van Insurance


If the use of your business vehicle is fundamental to the day to day operation of your company, or the company you work for, then it is advisable to obtain a fully comprehensive cover.


Many policies can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business and can include optional extras, so if you have a van or truck which your business depends upon to successfully operate, our staff can provide expert advice to help choose the type of business vehicle insurance which is best for you.


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