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Haulage Insurance

When it comes to Haulage Insurance, Prosperity Insurance Brokers are able to create bespoke insurance packages which can be made to meet a variety of budgets. Our team of brokers have over 25 years of experience working with haulage and courier insurance providers.


Courier Insurance


If you earn a living through delivering goods in vehicles such as a lorry or a van, then you require haulage or courier insurance. This ensures that you are sufficiently covered to carry out your delivery job. Even if delivering goods is not your full-time job and you only use your van or lorry to earn extra cash in your spare time you will still need haulage insurance.


The level of insurance you will need is dependent on a number of factors. These include the size of your vehicle, the number of deliveries you usually make and the distances you are likely to travel.


What is the difference between Haulage Insurance and Couriers Insurance?


Sometimes it is hard to determine if you are a haulier or a courier and because of that is if therefore difficult to decide if you need haulage insurance or courier insurance to ensure you are properly covered while you are on the road.


A courier is usually classified as somebody who makes multiple deliveries as part of their job, while a haulier is generally someone who delivers a single load but over a long distance. However, depending on the insurers, theses definitions can vary. Our expertise in this area makes sure you are provided with the correct type of either haulage insurance or courier insurance.


The size of your vehicle will also make a difference to the type of insurance you need, while if you wish to insure more than one vehicle you will also need a different kind of either haulage or courier insurance.


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