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Transport, Haulage & Logistics

We are representatives of experienced providers in the transport, haulage & logistics sector and we understand the risks and challenges associated with this industry.  We have negotiated exclusive facilities to help with the placement of the difficult risks operators may face and have expert skills to turn things around.


We have the ability and buying power to achieve competitive premiums and we are able to design an insurance programme to suit your budget and where possible we will propose initiatives to help maintain or reduce your premiums in the long term.


Haulage contractors, warehouse logistics operators, freight forwarders or couriers are liable by contract for any loss or damage to customers’ goods, whilst in their control (in a warehouse or in transit).


Liability can be limited by way of contractual conditions of trade, the most common being Road Haulage Association (RHA), Freight Transport Association (FTA), British International Freight Association (BIFA), United Kingdom Warehouse Keepers Association (UKWA).


Whilst cover is limited to contractual conditions of trade, it can be extended to provide a higher limit per tonne or even “all risks” cover, depending on the contractual arrangements agreed with a customer.


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